Important Notice On Monday, August 5th, Borough Council will conduct a public information session, as part of their regularly scheduled Council meeting, regarding the status of the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit. The public is encouraged to attend and participate in the discussion regarding the stormwater issues facing the Borough and how they are being addressed in conjunction with the Eastern Delaware County Stormwater Collaborative.

Welcome to Collingdale... A Family Hometown!

Community Center of Collingdale Borough received its charter on December 23, 1891. Through a distinct history, Collingdale has remained a family oriented borough with a dense residential feel softened by lush parks and vast cemetery land scattered throughout the municipality. Located on the corner of MacDade Boulevard and Clifton Avenue, Collingdale staff and facilities are available to the residents they serve which boasts a community center, various use borough parks, police and world-class police and fire services and community programs and services, all for the proud people of our family hometown...Collingdale!

Collingdale Bourogh proudly supports our Veterens

MS4 Y2 & Y3 Report

Act 44 Annual Disclosure Form

Important Information: Trash & Recycling and Stormwater Management

Delco Alert - County Council offers "Delco Alert," a community warning system that notifies residents of a major crisis or emergency. Use the "Delco Alert" link for information and to register for the ReadyNotifyPA system.

Borough Street Lights - Have you seen a street light out in our Borough? It is appreciated when you notice a street light out if you would call the Borough Office at (610) 586-0500 and notify the Secretary. Each pole is numbered and must be reported with the pole number included. We thank you for your assistance!